Dr. Felipe Muñoz

Plastic Surgery Medellin

Dr. Felipe Muñoz

Plastic Surgeon in Medellin

Our goal is to help you achieve the perfect shape.

Dr Felipe Muñoz is a well renowned Plastic Surgeon practising in Medellin,Colombia since 2007.

our goal is to help you achieve the perfect shape – and give you the best results in plastic surgery that Colombia has to offer.


Most women decide to undergo breast reconstruction to recreate the size and shape of the breast that was resected with the mastectomy.

There are several reasons why women choose to rebuild themselves; to recover the lost breast, so that it is easier to wear clothes like the bra, top or bikini, so that your breast looks more symmetrical, to avoid the use of external prostheses, to recover your self-esteem and your body image.

We take all the time needed to plan and perform your custom breast enhancement surgery and give you the body you want.

We know that this is an decision for you and……



It is a disease characterized by the multiplication, uncontrollable growth and spread of abnormal cells. It compresses, invades and destroys neighboring tissues. Through metastasis, the cells can be implanted in other parts of the body, where they form new tumors.

Skin cancer is the most common of all cancers, and its survival is close to 100% if it is diagnosed and treated early and adequately. When the treatment is not performed correctly, it usually leads to tumor growth and spread.

The diagnosis is made by clinical evaluation by the specialist and confirmed by the examination of the pathology of a sample (biopsy) or of the entire removed tumor.

Dr. Felipe Muñoz Plastic Surgeon




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