Breast Augmentation in Colombia


Breast Augmentation also known as Breast enhancement is becoming increasingly popular with more people choosing ‘medical tourism’ in Medellin, Colombia for the procedure.

An increasing number of women are choosing this type of plastic surgery. Breast Surgery is turning into one of the fastest expanding types of plastic surgery available to women.

There are usually 2 main reasons that women decide to undergo this procedure. In approximately 80% of instances, it is for aesthetic reasons, and the remaining 20% are for breast restoration or breast reconstruction after a surgical procedure.

There are 3 main questions you should ask if you are thinking about breast augmentation or breast enhancement procedure in Colombia.


breast surgery in medellin


Why do you desire breast implants?

What do you anticipate to get from Breast Augmentation in Medellin? Are you ready for longer term follow up and also perhaps future surgical procedure and also the additional expenditure involved should it be needed?

You need to bear in mind that Breast Augmentation Surgery is a significant invasive surgical procedure which is performed under a general anaesthetic together with all the typical risks  which are taken on when invasive surgical procedure is being performed. You can be assured you are in the care of Breast Surgery Experts in Colombia when you choose Dr. Felipe Munoz in Medellin.

There are 2 kinds of breast implants:

Natural Implants 

Synthetic Implants 

Natural Breast Implants are typically made use of for Breast Repair or Breast Reconstruction procedures. They are seldom provided for aesthetic reasons. The clients individuals own tissue cells are made use of to rebuild the bust or busts. The tissue is usually removed from either the back or abdominal area. This tissue is then connected to the patients breast and moulded right into a breast form. The cosmetic surgeon carefully and meticulously eliminate and also redirects any muscular tissue as well as blood supply in order to ensure the newly constructed breast is healthy and balanced.

In some cases the treatment might additionally entail re-construction of the nipple area. Preferably, the original nipple area can be removed and later re-attached to the newly reconstructed breast assuming it is healthy and balanced. 

Nevertheless, if that is not feasible, thankfully there are artificial replacements available or nipple areas in some cases can be tattooed. If that is not possible or wanted by the patient…..


Synthetic Breast Implants

Breast implants are constructed from 2 kinds which are readily available. These are usually either silicone gel or saline. There have actually been other various other types of implants for breast surgery in the past, however they are not made use of any longer as a result of varying health risks. Some patients are opting to have older implants replaced with the newer technology. Both the silicone and saline implants are enclosed in a silicone covering.

There are specific clients cases where women who are not typically suitable for cosmetic breast implants. Those that are under 18, or {pregnant, in addition to those that are presently breastfeeding, or if you have just recently been treated for breast cancer or certain types of  infection.

Like most surgeries, there are some risks. Breast Surgery, like any form of cosmetic surgery must be carefully considered and a consultation for Breast Surgery in Medellin should be arranged to discuss your requirements. Given (in many cases) there is no medical advantage to having a Breast Enhancement procedure. The main {benefits|advantages} appear to be that patients who have Breast Implants or Breast enhancement have a boos in self-confidence and esteem.

Of course any Top Cosmetic Surgeon in Colombia or anywhere else understands fully the risks involved and by surrounding themselves with a team of expert medical professionals and operating in the only best hospitals in Medellin reduces the risks considerably.

The risks are outlined below:

Among the dangers is Capsular Contracture. This affects roughly 10% of breast surgery patients.This is where scar mark tissue develops around the implant and this can cause implant to harden somewhat.

An additional threat is infection.This is typical after any invasive surgical procedure and we recommend any patients travelling from overseas to take the recommended time to enjoy the beautiful City of Medellin during their recuperation period. This is usually brought on by a collection of fluid around the breast implant. The body’s immune can safely soak up a certain amount however if there excessive collection of blood, it can create issues and the normal course of action would be for your Plastic Surgeon to prescribe antibiotics.

There is likewise the danger of a tear although that danger is fairly minimal as modern-day production methods and materials used enhance the implant significantly.

Additionally the solution used inside the breast implant is not harmful – it will remain in its initial form and also the saline liquid can be safely absorbed into the body. Breast Augmentation is an increasingly more popular procedure and the numbers undergoing breast surgery are increasing year on year whilst the costs are falling. Those implants which were found to be hazardous are no longer in use having been banned in most countries.There are research studies being carried out to make certain that those patients that have these old implants are encouraged to consider Breast Implant Replacement.

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