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Implants are breast-shaped devices made of silicone. The expanders are devices similar to a deflated breast-shaped bag with a silicone cover and a valve through which it will be insufflated. This expander will be filled with saline to increase its volume.

Breast implants are used to reconstruct the breasts at the time of the mastectomy or at a later stage when the oncological treatment is finished.

There are several types of implants that are used. They can have a round shape, or tear shape; called anatomical implants. They have a smooth or rough silicone cover (texturized) and they are filled with silicone gel called “cohesive gel” because it is thick and maintains its shape.

(Cancer Patient) Before




(Cancer Patient) Before




The implants can be used for an immediate reconstruction positioned under the pectoral muscles or with the support of a mesh or with donor tissue in the shape of a hammock. They are used mainly when the skin is preserved and also the nipple areola complex.

The expanders are used mainly in a delayed reconstruction, that means that when a mastectomy is performed, the expander is implanted under the pectoral muscles to prepare the space for a future reconstruction when the oncological treatment is finished. The expander is placed under the muscles at the time of the mastectomy and slowly expands each week until the desired size is obtained.

It is left in place for a few months and in a second operation, it is replaced by a silicone implant.

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