Labiaplasty / Female Genital Aesthetic Surgery Medellin

Labiaplasty / Female Genital Aesthetic Surgery Options Medellin

Reduction of labia minora – Nymphoplasty, Lips augmentation with lipoinjection, Hymenoplasty, reduction of the venus mount with liposuction:

The alterations of the female external genitalia are more frequent than is believed, and the embellishment and reconstruction of these, has become one of the latest advances in the field of aesthetic surgery. These alterations bring both functional and psychological problems.


Women usually consult because their labia minora are asymmetrical or are prominent (hypertrophy) or hanging and they are uncomfortable, irritated or can be noticed when wearing tight clothes or bikini, as well as having sex, sitting or doing activities such as walking or walking. exercise.

They also consult because their labia majora are flabby or wrinkled. Likewise, its pubic region (Mount of Venus) is protuberant and it is noticeable when wearing clothes that are very close to the body. Occasionally, the correction of scars and deformities in the genitals and perineal areas is sought.
Some patients seek the reconstruction of the hymen either by cultural or religious beliefs.

The hypertrophy of the labia minora is the most frequent cause of consultation, and may be unilateral or bilateral, with bilateral being the most frequent. The bilateral one is commonly asymmetric. The size of the small lips does not have an exact measurement, but in general, its protrusion beyond the labia majora is considered not very aesthetic. Without a specific cause, the hypertrophy can be congenital (“from birth”) or acquired secondary to chronic irritation and use of hormones.

The surgical treatment of the hypertrophy of the labia minora is called nymphoplasty or labioplasty and consists in resecting the excess of tissue giving a natural appearance. It is called hymenoplasty, the surgery that reconstructs the hymen and consists of joining the scarred remains to give it a shape similar to the original.

The labia major is to resect the excess when it exists, and make fat injection (lipoinjection) when they are flaccid, giving them a youthful and natural appearance. The mons pubis when it is protruding is treated by means of liposuction.

These types of surgeries are performed under local anesthesia, sedation or spinal anesthesia. A suture is used that is reabsorbed in a few days and performed on an outpatient basis with return to activities in a few days.

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