Resection of Benign Skin Tumors

Resection of Benign Skin Tumors Options in Medellin

Resection of bening skin tumors on the face and body (moles – Cysts – lipomas – Fibroids – Neurofibroids – Acrochordons – Atrial appendices)

Moles also called Nevus or Nevos, moles are benign alterations in the skin, which are located anywhere in the body. They begin to appear in the first years of life, during youth and continue to appear throughout life. They do not disappear. They can be of different sizes, black, brown or skin color, of an even tone. Some may have hairs.

When to suspect if a mole is malignant: 1.When it changes color. 2. If it is of a single color with different tones. 3. Increase in size. 4. It is irregularly shaped. 5. When its surface changes: When it ulcerates, it bleeds or crusts.Most moles do not require treatment, only observation.

Some moles are treated for their unpleasant, unsightly appearance, or because their location interferes with the quality of life. The treatment consists of resection by means of surgery. The treatment of large moles is done in several sessions (parcelled resection). The dried moles are sent for analysis by pathology..









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